For nearly 60 years SCAMP has been procuring professional underwater services and over time we have inevitably become a reference of quality for many others in the sector, amongst the many fields in underwater husbandry that we cover, our forte undeniably is underwater hull cleaning ultimately emphasizing our philosophy in the importance of keeping vessels Sustainably Clean And Maintaining Performance which has become synonymous to the word SCAMP.

We are humbly convinced that like most good habits, these are inspired and ultimately embraced by following those that we look up to, in this way firmly believing that sustainability starts at home and this belief obliges concern and respect for the wonderful but delicate world that we all call ours, this is an important part of SCAMP’s reasoning, our energies are focused on reducing not only our carbon footprint but as also help our customers in achieving this goal by keeping their vessel’s green clean and running lean.

60 Years procuring
professional UW