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Hull Cleaning

Our expert divers use approved and patented hull surface cleaning machines that are globally recognised as the most effective means to recuperate vessels performance and service speed. Advance cleaning techniques and equipment ensure that no damage is caused to the most delicate of anti-fouling systems, such as silicone and other soft-coated paints.

Marine Environmental Protection

We take environmental protection seriously. The benefits of hull cleaning on vessel performance are well recognised, but greater fuel efficiency is not our only environmental concern. We are also 100% committed to protecting the Marine Environment and over the past 50 years have developed a unique approach to hull cleaning that ensures minimal ecological impact.

Our tried and tested hull cleaning machinery adheres to the hull via the intense suction force created by its central impeller which also directs fouling through its impeller tunnel and therefore destroys harmful invasive marine species. The debris is then converted into a fine residue which is safely returned to the sea as sand ultimately limiting the impact to the local marine environment.

These machines are designed to clean major submerged hull areas and in the expert hands of Scamp divers will reduce underwater cleaning times significantly proving to be much more efficient and practical than any debris collecting system reducing ships commercially inactive periods to a minimum.

How Our Machines Work